How to Clean your cleats with SMSportz™ Splosheez Invertable Cleat Guards

SMSportz™ Splosheez Invertable Cleat Guards were designed with players and families in mind.  Your life is hectic and messy enough with school and sports.  You don't have time to deal with the hassle of containing the mud, grass, and turf debris from sports like soccer, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey, etc. Reduce the cost of car washes and carpet cleaning and restore sanity with the Splosheez method.  Like an ice skater wears a guard when they are not on the ice, all players of cleated sports can benefit from wearing a guard at all times except when you're on your field of play.  This way, you can dress fully in the comfort of your home.  You can walk into your kitchen dressed and ready to go, get your water bottle and snack, and walk-drive-or bike safely to your practice or game keeping family cars clean.  Walk across pavement to your field without wearing down your favorite performance shoes prematurely saving money and ensuring you keep your EDGE.  Your coach will be happy to see you arriving on time, fully dressed, and ready to perform!

Once you have finished your practice or game, grab your SMSportz™ guards from your bag and use the patented Invert-to-Clean™ built in cleaning feature by inverting the heel of your Splosheez Sport Guards(see video above) and using them to clean in between the cleats to remove the large clumps of mud or grass from the bottom of your cleats.  You won't ever need to stand barefoot or in your socks, banging your cleats together with mud sploshing everywhere anymore.  Keep your cleats on, clean each shoe quickly and easily, and then push the Splosheez Sport guard onto the toe of your sport shoe and use the holes in the back as grips to pull the guard around your heel.  Repeat with the other foot and remember, Splosheez are universal--No Right or Left requirement.  We have tried our best to take the hassle out of cleated sports.  Now you can walk across the parking lot safely and you have the flexibility to stop to run errands, grab a meal, or celebrate that victory with your team even if you forgot that 2nd pair of shoes!  With Splosheez Sport Guards you are ready and ABLE to do whatever YOU want before and after your sport.  You're in control!  

When you get home in your clean car or after safely walking or biking home, you can walk freely on hardwood or tile floors into your house and can remove your sport shoes with the Splosheez Sport guard still on the performance shoe.  This way, the next time you practice your guard is already on the shoe and all you do is lace up and go!  Now you can Dare to Tread wherever YOU want, whenever you need to.  Less hassle, more freedom and flexibility, greater mobility, cost saving, and happiness insuring--these sport guards are great!  

Here's what our customers are saying:

"You need to buy these for wrestling or any cleated sport!"

How to put your Splosheez Sport Guards on:

We made Smsportz™ Splosheez Invertable Cleat and Sport Guards washable-for ease of use, stretchable- to allow for some foot growth, and very durable- to last multiple seasons. So, don’t be afraid to pull hard when you are putting them on. Here’s how they work:

  1. With the cleat or sport shoe on your foot, push the Splosheez over the toe first, and push it in all the way.

  2. Grab the back straps to pull the guard over your cleats.

  3. Walk in your home freely to dress for your event without mess or harm to hardwood floors and carpets, drive with out mess, or bike safely to your game or practice. Splosheez save you money by reducing the need to constantly clean your car or home!

  4. It's that simple...